In light of a recent attack on my beloved libertarianism by the Pope, I have decided this was a good time to write about how I turned my life around.

I had heard about Ron Paul on a train heading into New Jersey from Philadelphia on my way home from college during the 2008 election cycle. I was never one to pay much attention to politics and voiced my frustration at people trying to get me to choose a side, “I think they are all [donkeys]!” I would say.  That’s when a friend told me to check out Ron Paul, he was different.  He told me a little more but I wasn’t comprehending what he was saying.  I ended up voting for Ron Paul in the primaries, but for Obama in the final vote.  I wasn’t fully convinced that Ron Paul was telling the truth, I saw McCain as just another Bush, so I said to myself “If Obama gets in and does the same things as Bush, I know Ron Paul is the real deal.”  Well, if you haven’t buried your head under a rock, you know that I soon had no choice but to trust and learn from Ron Paul. I bought a shirt that said “Don’t blame me, I voted for Ron Paul” that had the “Ron Paul Revolution” logo. (I know not completely honest, but I did vote for him in the primaries!)

The years surrounding this event is when my soul really took a nose dive. My family got torn apart, my fiance dumped me, and I started drinking and partying more and more.  I stopped going to church because I didn’t feel worthy, I knew I was doing wrong but didn’t have any motivation to stop myself. At one point I even told someone that my life song was Bother by Stone Sour, released on the 2002 Spider Man album.

Then one day I was brushing my teeth while wearing my Ron Paul Revolution T-shirt.  I looked into the mirror at my shirt and I discovered the simple brilliance of the logo.  the “evol” in revolution was inverted and cast in a red box, so when looking at it in a mirror the word “LOVE” stood out.  I cringed at the site of that word. At this point in my life I had graduated from college, moved north while working on a bridge in New York City for a heavy civil engineering company. I had spent many nights tossing and turning, unable to sleep.  I felt lost. I thought I would be happy by partying and having relations with many women.  I was miserable, and I turned into something I didn’t recognize.