Part 1

It was the last game of the regular season for my team, the Philadelphia Flyers, in 2010.  They were playing their fierce rival, the New York Rangers. It was a very important game because whomever won would go to the Stanley Cup playoffs, the loser would go to the golf course.  After three periods and an overtime, there was still not a winner.  This meant the game would go into a shootout. The Flyers were awful at shootouts, all year I watched them lose to a shootout.  The Rangers on the other hand, were one of the best in the League in the shootout, my team was as good as done.

I was watching the game at my parents’ house with my cousin.  Things had started to settle down after my grandmother passed away.  My cousin and I were nervously awaiting the shootout when my Mom got home from some retreat.  She told me she brought back some rosaries, and gave us each a rosary that had been blessed by a priest. I remembered when I was a kid and our family of 6 would sit around and pray whenever there was a bad storm or my mom felt that she needed extra prayers. My mom reminded us that with a rosary you can move mountains, so immediately my cousin took his out of a bag and said “Maybe they will help the Flyers win this shootout!” So we clinched them into our hands as we watched what can only be described as a miracle. I learned to pray them when I got back home in north jersey, I prayed that the Flyers would win after they went down 0-3 in a best of 7 tournament. I even went to church with my cousin and a friend to try and make sure the Flyers would win. Again, a miraculous comeback, and in game 7 they even went down in the game 0-3, only to win the game, and the series 4-3! After that, they blew through the next team and made it into the Stanley Cup Finals.

It was then that I had the crazy idea that maybe I should be using these rosaries for something a little more important. I started to pray them for direction, for a wife, and to get my life back.

Unfortunately, without me praying for the Flyers they ended up losing the series in probably the most embarrassing way possible. No one even knew he scored for like 30 seconds…