Part 1

Part 2

The bridge I worked on in New York City was movable.  It rotated about its center. We were at the end of the project so I spent a lot of my time alone.  I had to take some measurements one day from inside the bridge where the steel beams ran.  There was about a four foot drop so you really had to be careful while you were in there.  I miss-stepped and landed hard on one foot.  My back and legs felt severe pain.  I felt embarrassed, so I shook it off and forgot about it.  Months later I started to date the woman who would become my wife.  She was worried about my health, she was an organic vegetarian and got me to stop eating so bad and drinking so much.  In a couple months I dropped 30 pounds.  One night while on the bridge I felt for the first time what I later pieced together was a problem I assume was caused by the fall. I ended up being out of work for a while because of it.

While out of work, I thought it prudent to do two things in between my physical therapy sessions.  I read about Libertarianism and Catholicism.  I was convinced there had to be a connection. I also prayed more rosaries. What I read convinced me of three things; I was never going to miss mass on Sunday again, I was going to join the Ron Paul Revolution, and I knew that my girlfriend was the one who I was going to marry.  I proposed to her soon after and we got married, my life changed so fast I could hardly keep up. It has been an exhilarating and amazing ride. A house, a son and a daughter on the way, new job, I even wrote a book!

Thank you Ron Paul.

Thank you Philadelphia Flyers.

Thank you Bridge.

Thank you mom for never giving up on me.

Thank you to my wife for joining me on this journey.

Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for bringing me back to you.