Part of living life is knowing that suffering is inevitable.  In one way or another, we will feel pain.  Some handle their pain differently than others.  How a Prodigal Catholic should start to think about pain is important.

Pain is caused by mans propensity to sin.  God is good, but he is also Just.  So, when we violate the laws of God, we must suffer.  Understanding this, it is important to offer our pain for sins committed.  A simple prayer whenever we suffer in any way is the following:

O Lord, Thy will be done; I offer this to Thee for my sins.

Being able to give up our sufferings for sins is a gift.  As my book describes, indulgences are required to pay for the temporal punishment due to sin.  In giving up our sufferings on Earth for our sins, we can reduce or eliminate time required to suffer in purgatory.  Whether it be for ourselves, or the souls in purgatory.

And never cease to pray for the souls in purgatory!