There was a story I remember as a child about a man sitting upon a rooftop during a flood.  People came with a boat to save him and he told them “No thank you, God is going to save me.”  The boat left and the waters rose higher.  A rescue helicopter came to save him and the man told them “No thank you, God is going to save me”.  The helicopter left him there and the waters rose higher.  Finally, a sea plane landed to save him and the man again said “No thank you, God is going to save me”.  The plane left and the waters overwhelmed him, the man perished.  Upon entering his judgement he asked God why he hadn’t saved him.  God replied, “I tried, I sent you a boat and helicopter and a sea plane and you rejected me!”

As World War III looms closer to becoming a reality, I can’t help but wonder if we are all stuck in the same mindset as the man in this old story.  The United States of America elected a man many touted as the one who will get the government away from its meddling in the Middle East.  He was going to bring peace with Russia.  He was a President for the people, not the power elites.  Instead, he loaded his cabinet with War Hawks.  His first week he approved an air strike that murdered many children.  Where was his compassion then?  It is obvious that politics will not save this world from the punishment of war.  It is always its cause, so trying to make it the solution is never going to work.  So what will?

Apparitions of Mary and Jesus have been recorded and approved by the church for generations.  Each time the faithful were given life saving devices.  Not a boat or helicopter or sea plane, but devotions to direct our minds in prayer.  The Rosary, the miraculous medal, Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Divine Mercy etc. These are the tools we need to dedicate ourselves to in order to prevent calamity and save our souls.

Peace will not come from people with political power, but from individual Catholics dedicating ourselves to prayer.