“I can’t believe THAT GUY is still around acting just fine when I am dealing with so much pain…”

I’ve heard this basic thought multiple times recently.  It bothers me to hear it because instead of accepting one’s own suffering as reparation for sins, they are committing sin against the 5th commandment.  This person is wishing their own pain was being cast against another.

Pondering deeper on this thought, it really has roots in an idea that one persons vices are better than another.  A disturbing example of this is in the realm of sexuality.  There has been huge outbursts from all points of view on the subject of homosexuality. Trying to follow the back and forth debates can be dizzying.  If you take a step back and look at what the church teaches, it is clear that the issue has a much deeper problem.

The teaching in the church is that EVERY sexual act be open to the transmission of new life.  The purpose of the Sacrament of Marriage is to bring new life into the world.  Anything outside of this is a Mortal Sin.  But still, many people believe that if the are involved in heterosexual activity outside of marriage, it is acceptable.  Or they believe  they are married and can use contraception because they are doing it with their spouse.  All is still Mortal Sin.  And all Mortal Sin leads the soul to Hell.